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We are a Human Resources firm; the extension of your competencies in Crisis Management, Human Resource Emergencies and Change Management
About the company

Crises can destroy companies, but with the right guidance, they can also expose true leaders. Crises, like any waves of change, can be ridden by those who are bold and adaptive enough.


Sophie Laval – Xtensis Management


We help today’s leaders to capitalize on their accomplishments and manage their crises by
  • guiding them quickly and simply through the changes and transformation of their organizations
  • enabling them to solve their human capital challenges with integrity and trust
  • supporting them as they build and maintain their organizational ecosystem according to their own vision
  • helping them to promote the introspective, intuitive and pro-active management that is essential for any company, no matter what size, to achieve sustainable success


Crisis and change bring unavoidable and sometimes unwelcome transformation. Our vision is simply to help you embrace this upheavals and grow from it.


We believe that people are the most valuable asset in a company. We understand that sensitive situations and even tough challenges can be transformed into positives, by applying a human focused ap-proach.


Our in-depth knowledge of the business environment, and our understanding of complex human issues in challenging situations, enable us to provide customized solutions for our clients.

Our Methodology

Crisis Management

Change Management

Sophie Laval

President & Principal Advisor CRHP

Sophie Laval is the President and Founder of Xtensis Management, a new and dynamic HR manage-ment firm, specializing in crisis management, emergencies and change management in Quebec.

Applying her innovative and people focused HR vision Sophie merges a business and humanistic ap-proach which helps foster respect, commitment and success in any business. This vision has contrib-uted to the development, growth and / or recovery of several companies over the last 20 years, includ-ing local and international organizations such as: Datamark Systems, Bombardier Aerospace, Stock-erYale (Coherent) and hybris Software (SAP). Her experience has taught her the key factors in human resources that ensure the success or the failure of a company.

By sharing her vision with leaders, Sophie helps them through their challenging human resource situa-tions and the maintenance of their organizational ecosystem, accordingly.

Engaged, dynamic and a person of integrity, Sophie has a strong professional network, both in Canada and abroad. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge and business understanding, she offers strategic and high-value HR solutions that contribute to the success, reputation and sustainability of organizations.

Sophie is also a trainer and speaker.

Choosing Xtensis Management, is an investment in the fulfilment of your mission with a business partner who understands your issues.