Our Expertise

We offer customized services based on a collaborative approach during change events and managerial emergencies, with a strong emphasis on maintaining the focus on your mission while stabilizing or accelerating your opportunities of growth and success.

Xtensis Management brings expertise in both STRATEGIC & OPERATIONAL mandates.


Merger & Acquisition

Relocation (local, national or abroad)

Accelerated Growth

Bankruptcy / Closure

Business Continuity

Takeover entrepreneurship

Structural reorganization / Organizational Changes

Automation / New technology and processes implementation


Mediation / Ombudsman

Harassments / Grievances

Conflict management (Employees - Directors - CEO)

Reputation management (influential member, key player)

Employees’ commitment & Motivation

Absenteeism / High Turn Over / Attrition

Work accidents - Psychological Distress

Legal Issues / Litigations

Employees’ Assistant Program

Miscellaneous Investigations

Our Service

Todays’ decisions directly impact tomorrow’s organizational health!

Emergency &
Crisis Management

Are you at the heart of the storm? Would you like to see more clearly and be supported in order to make coherent decisions appropriate to your context? Benefit from our solid experience, respecting your val-ues, your management style and your organizational landscape.

Change Management


Do you want to implement a project that may lead to major internal changes? Let us support you through a smooth transition with an appropriate balance of communication, transparency and the human factor.

Business Continuity /
Risks Management

Unanticipated events like the loss of a primary customer or the departure of a key leader can have a damaging impact on your business. Let us support you in your risk planning by preparing you and your employees for the potential impacts of a crisis or change and to minimize its harmful repercussions.

Coaching / Advice

Do you see cracks appearing in your organization? Let us assess your business processes and help you guarantee that all of your customers, partners and employees are getting the maximal satisfaction and care. Allow us to leverage your experience and intelligence, together with ours, to synthesize a suc-cessful path forwards from any upheavals your organization has experience.

Consulting / Training

The reality of running any business is that crisis and change lurk around every corner. Navigating these avenues requires a combination of rational analysis, practical experience, and emotional intelli-gence. We have the expertise to train and mentor your staff in a simple, relevant way. Regardless of their level of management or seniority, let our training and mentoring help them to cope professionally and personally with whatever your business might throw at them.

Choosing Xtensis Management, is an investment in the fulfilment of your mission with a business partner who understands your issues.